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See the best drone photos of 2017, according to SkyPixel

Need some drone photo inspiration? The winners of the 2017 SkyPixel drone photo contest are out, and their images do not disappoint. More than 44,000  drone photographers from 141 different countries entered the contest, which had categories in landscape, portrait and story. French photographer Florian Ledoux nabbed the grand prize with his shot of a … Continue reading See the best drone photos of 2017, according to SkyPixel →


What the Commercial Drone Industry can learn from Strava

I spent much of the day yesterday reading about the implications of what Strava has done by releasing their heatmap of location data into the wild. If you’re unfamiliar with the controversy, Strava, a company that aggregates the location data of folks using their phones and “wearables” like FitBit, released a worldwide heat map of …


Best Drones for iPhone

If you’re interested in buying your first drone or are curious but afraid of adopting an expensive new hobby, you’ll be happy to know you’re probably holding your first drone controller in your hands: your iPhone or iPad.