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The use of drones by both professionals and laymen has exploded over the last few years, and there’s a drone available to meet every need. Whether you’re seeking to break into the hobby with an inexpensive yet high-quality product or you’re looking to expand your presence in the field of aerial photography, there’s a drone to suit your needs. Each drone has its own strengths, and matching your requirements to the features of the various models should give you the results you want.

Some features are standard across the DJI lines; the 3-axis gimbal is now used in each model in production. That feature allows the camera to remain stable even while the body of the drone moves horizontally, vertically, and back and forth on all three axes. Additionally, you’ll find that each model in the company’s repertoire boasts a powerful camera, vision sensors, and GPS technology, although the technology used in each may differ according to that model.

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