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August, 2017



A student in Georgia Tech’s School of Building and Construction flies the Parrot AR.Drone at an on-campus jobsite. W hile liberating them from school, summer vacation also presents children with a challenge: finding something to do all day. For Richard Evans, that was never the case.


DJI Announces AirWorks 2017 to Help Enterprises Put Drones to Work in Skies Around the World 

DJI, the world’s leader in civilian drones and aerial imaging technology, opened registration on Thursday for its AirWorks enterprise drone conference on November 7-9 in Denver, Colorado. The annual event will bring together the global commercial drone ecosystem for three days of industry presentations, hands-on workshops, training sessions and networking focused on putting drones to work in skies around the world. The use of drones for industrial purposes is on the rise, wit

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